Behind The Scenes: Ms Boing Boing Photoshoot on Loc...

Jackeline from SUMMER '13

I was feeling a little bit playful so I hooked up with Piobellas studios to bring you this! Hope you enjoy! Also I love Hello Kitty if any of my fans want to bring a little HK along with them!

2013 - BOING BOING - 2013

Lots of pictures to get you excited! I hope you don't just sit there and play with yourself....

-NEW Pics -NEW Phone # (920) 306-1454

I dropped my fucking phone in the toilet! Please delete my old number and save this one (920) 306-1454

Class is in Session so All 1st Timers Take Notes!

This is what you really want to see isn't it. 11 inches of pure unadulterated pleasure. Gets hard and stay hard just the way you like it!